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A fantastic send off to the Eddsworld series (I know it's not over but this really does seem like a series finale) I love the animation of the 2 parts, and how part 2 was more like Edd's style. The writing was solid too making me laugh many times. Also all the little references and nods to previous Eddsworld cartoons (even references to Bendee of all things!) were really nice, and made giggle like a child. (SPOILERS from here on out by the way) Speaking of me giggling like a child, having Tord back made me really excited as he was one of my favorites back in the day, I don't know why considering he had very few lines in previous cartoons. While I thought he did make for an awesome villain, I felt that it kinda was out of place for Tord, I mean him trying to kill him Tom yeah whatever I get that. But betraying Edd and Matt just doesn't seem like something he'd do. I don't know or maybe it does. That part really conflicts me because I like it and don't, but it's not that big of a deal. Maybe Matt well do more with Tord since he's taking over the show. One complaint that I have heard was that Edd and Matt don't get a lot to do compared to Tom, and I somewhat agree, but not enough for me to care that much about it. Overall, great "send off" to the series, can't wait to see what Matt will do with the show!

Oh. My. God.

I never laughed so hard in a while. Thank you guys so much for entertaining us.

I liked the song at the end!

Someday I'll buy that book.

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OMG. That game was so good! Way better than the 1st game!


If Super Meat Boy, Alien Homid, Fancy Pants Adventure, and Castle Crashers were made into Xbox Live Arcade games, I hope this game gets on Xbox Live!

Pretty good so far!

Maybe you should make a more proper jump animation just saying.

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THis is really good!

I love this song, I'm gonna put it on my mp3!

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